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Why Choose Holistic Physical Therapy for Sports Rehab?


A holistic approach to sports rehab recognizes that it is not just the site of the injury that must properly heal, but the mental trauma and the compensation patterns that develop throughout the body as well. Each individual, regardless of the sport, must receive a tailored treatment plan that will ensure the complete rehabilitation of their body. It is not only the physical injury that needs to be addressed, but the psychological and physiological stress the trauma placed on the body, in order to induce a faster and complete recovery.


The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine states that “psychological factors, especially stress, are an important antecedent to injuries, play an important role in injury rehabilitation, and contribute to successful return to play”.


Our goal is to create a personalized plan that will ensure a complete and timely recovery for the body and the mind.


How is it Performed?


This is performed through the creation and execution of a personalized treatment plan. After an injury, it is imperative that your treatment is tailored to your needs. The recovery time and treatment is different for each individual as the severity and depth of injuries varies.


We treat the body using several techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, CBD cream, and integrative dry needling to first decrease inflammation.  The focus then switches to regaining flexibility, strength, and stability through neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercises, agility, and plyometric training.  The mind is treated through the use of several techniques such as EFT to release the fear associated with getting injured and the MUSE headband to increase focus when returning to competition.


What Conditions Does it Help Treat?

  • Neck and Back Injuries

  • Shoulder Injuries

  • Elbow Injuries

  • Hip Injuries

  • Knee Injuries

  • Foot and Ankle Injuries

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