Body and Mind Physical Therapy and Wellness started its journey in 2013 when founder Doctor Sarah Vose, PT had the vision of bringing a holistic physical therapy treatment to Southern New Hampshire to change the lives of others the same way it did for her.


When Sarah was young, she was involved in an automobile accident that left doctors telling her she would walk with a cane for the rest of her life. Traditional physical therapy helped Sarah recover from a devastating knee injury, but did nothing to help her recover from the brain injury or the intense mental and emotional trauma she incurred. After a Doctor of Osteopathy introduced her to craniosacral therapy coupled with EFT, she was able to finally recover from the cognitive and emotional wounds and return to living a vibrant, full life.


Sarah uses cutting-edge practices and technology that have been proven to help patients recover without the need for outdated standardized techniques and medicine. Her practice invokes natural physical and emotional modalities, which connect body and mind to lead patients to a full recovery.



Dr. Vose practices joint mobilization on a patient. This technique improves motion and joint function.