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What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an all natural plant extract which has been shown through independent studies to provide several health benefits. CBD is a fancy name for cannabinoid, which is a compound found within hemp plants. Once extracted from the plant, the other compounds such as THC are left behind. The pure CBD oil does not produce a state of feeling “high”, and is legal in all 50 states.


Pure CBD oil is known to have tremendous healing properties. Independent research has found that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and can help to reduce pain. It also found that the properties within the cannabinoid are able to help diminish symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and neurological damage from concussions and trauma.

Why Should I Use Them During Therapy?


The addition of all natural CBD oil will enhance your treatment as it will help your body by decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, suppressing muscle spasms, promoting bone growth, and protecting your nervous system.  It will also help your mind recover through its calming properties which will allow you to enter a relaxed state.

CBD Products We Offer:


All CBD Oils offered at Body and Mind are organic, non GMO, vegan, and gluten free by Natures CBD oil.


  • Enhanced CBD is a Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD with added Terpenes. Terpenes enhance the speed and efficacy of the CBD . The Enhanced Blend is offered at the following doses:

    • ​300 mg​

    • 750 mg

    • 1200 mg

    • 2500 mg

  • Medical Grade CBD combines a broad spectrum CBD with MCT oil (extract from coconut oil). This makes it superior for supporting brain and nervous system function.  The Medical Blend is offered at the following doses:

    • 350 mg

    • 600 mg

    • 1200 mg

    • 1500 mg

    • 2000 mg

  • Original CBD Formula is a broad spectrum CBD.  The tincture Oils are offered in Mint, Mango, and French Vanilla flavors at the following doses:

    • 150 mg

    • 300 mg

    • 600 mg

    • 1000 mg

  • CBD Pain Creams are offered at the following doses:

    • 50 mg

    • 150 mg

    • 300 mg

    • 2000 mg

  • CBD Pain Cream with Joint and Muscle Heat Relief are offered at the following doses:

    • 250 mg

    • 500 mg

  • CBD for Pets: Works well for aggression, anxiety, joint pain, and seizures

    • 300 mg​

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