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Food Inflammation Testing (FIT) measures how your body responds to foods, colors, and additives (including Candida).  The test measures IgG antibody responses and immune complexes when exposed to common foods. This differs from food allergy testing which tests for IgE antibody responses to foods.

​Read more about the Food Inflammation Test HERE


Click HERE to see the different foods tested at each level. 

Food Inflammation Testing

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  • The FIT176 and FIT132 include the following:

    • A color-based report that is easy to read and engaging
    • A 7-day rotational meal plan that is created specific to you by one of KBMO's 10 dietitians. This is a great tool to assist with an elimination diet
    • A mobile app that showcases your report, cross reactivity and provides other guidance
    • A Gut Barrier Panel to help determine if "leaky gut" is an issue. This includes: Candida, Zonulin, Occludin, and Lipopolysaccharides 


    The FIT22; FIT44; and Gut Barrier Testing includes

    • A color-based report that is easy to read and engaging
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