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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - ​University of Florida


Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Nutrition Coach - National Academy of Sports Medicine

Reformer 1 Certified Pilates Instructor  - Balanced Body Inc.


As a youth, I was always active in one way or another, but strength training was the one thing that stuck since I was first introduced to the bench press in my home as a teen. This quickly translated to the weight room - squat racks and all. Since then strength training has been the foundation of my overall wellness approach. Though the seasons of life challenged the frequency and consistency at times, it always proved to be a tried and true method to regaining a feeling of balance in life, building strength from the inside out. For me, the most challenging time maintaining my fitness was through pregnancy and to be completely honest, I abandoned all movement as it was just too uncomfortable. After my first daughter was born, I started back one small step at a time with walking, and finally running again. In the past I’d completed marathons, so I understand how starting back at square one can feel and through my personal struggles is how I decided to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach. Finding a path back to fitness led me to the National Academy of Sports Medicine and I couldn’t be more thrilled than I am now to guide and grow confidence with you one workout at a time. 


My personal philosophy to a healthy lifestyle is creating a balanced routine that encompasses movement, nutrition and a positive mindset. To me fitness is not one size fits all, but rather about finding a fitness regimen that fits YOU and most importantly is realistic, sustainable, and brings you JOY. Through a collaborative approach combining your experience and goals, and my evidence-based personal training, nutrition counseling and mindset coaching we will create your unique and personalized program in which we will focus on evaluating and elevating your daily routines.

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