Food Inflammation &
Leaky Gut Testing

What is Food Inflammation Testing?


Food Inflammation Testing (FIT) measures how your body responds to foods, colors, and additives (including Candida).  The test measures IgG antibody responses and immune complexes when exposed to common foods. This differs from food allergy testing which tests for IgE antibody responses to foods.

Elevated IgG levels are one of the main causes of systemic inflammation.  Systemic inflammation is often an underlying cause of chronic pain and health issues and it can even contribute to mental health issues. 


Why Should I Chose FIT Testing?


The FIT uses a multi-pathway testing to measure inflammatory pathways instead of IgG alone.  This helps to eliminate false positives that often occur with traditional IgG testing. Each sample is run with15 standards and controls. 

What is Leaky Gut Testing?

Leaky Gut Syndrome or increased intestinal permeability means that the lining of the digestive system is damaged 

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