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 Individual Nutritional Sessions 

Initial Consult $140
A one-hour initial health and nutrition assessment including individualized nutrition counseling and goal setting. The session will begin with a comprehensive health assessment of your medical history, nutrition status, lifestyle, body composition measurements, laboratory values, current medications and supplements, and overall health status. Based on your nutritional needs, we will design goals and a personalized action plan. We will work together to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to meet these goals. Together, we will work towards a healthier you and keep you feeling motivated and empowered.


Follow-Up Session $70
A 30 minute follow up session to assess progress towards goals and make necessary adjustments to your action plan. The session will include reassessment of specific health measures identified during your initial consult. We will work together to overcome plateaus!


Grocery Store Tour $100
A one-hour walk through of the grocery store of your choice designed to improve food purchasing decisions and label reading skills. We will walk the grocery store section-by-section and identify foods that satisfy your healthy lifestyle needs as well as your taste buds!


Home visit $100
A one-hour session at your home to organize your pantry and improve meal preparation techniques. We will go through your pantry together to identify which foods fit into your healthy lifestyle needs. We will give simple suggestions on how to fill your pantry with nourishing foods and how to prepare these foods each week in an efficient manner.
Custom Meal Plan $200
($100 for each additional week)

·       A custom 1-week meal plan that tells you exactly what to eat (breakfast, lunch dinner, and snacks) in portions that aligns with your specific nutrition goals and considers your individual food preferences and activity level. Includes:

o   30 minute in-person meeting or phone call to discuss food preferences and nutrition goals

o   Free adjustments as necessary

o   Ongoing support and accountability via the Healthie mobile app (snap a picture and upload to Healthie mobile app where we can comment!)

*Expect to start in two weeks from purchase date




Initial Consult + 3 Follow-Up sessions $325

·      Save by purchasing the initial consult and follow up sessions together!


Grocery Store Tour + Home Visit (preferably back to back) $175
Let’s choose a healthy meal to prepare together! We will spend an hour at the grocery store of your choice followed by an hour in your home to organize and prepare the nourishing foods purchased at the grocery store.
Wellness Package – Initial Consult with Dietitian + Massage + Physical Therapy



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