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I became a Massage Therapist in 2005, after a life-changing decision to follow my passion, switch my career path, and pursue bodywork. Massage never feels like a job to me because I deeply love the work I do with my clients. My favorite thing about massage is that while I work with the muscles, lots of the healing work is done by the clients themselves. Just showing up to the table is the first step! It’s a beautiful thing to witness. I like to take the time to look at the bigger picture and see what’s going on with a client on a deeper level. My favorite type of massage work is slow, deeper tissue work that gets to the root of the problem and jump-starts the healing process. Each massage starts with a check-in and assessment to see what each client needs that session.

Essential oils are another passion of mine. I love creating with oils and helping connect people to oils that can help them with their physical and emotional issues. I’m a Certified AromaTouch provider, which is a modality that uses specific oils along the spine and the bottoms of the feet, creating a relaxing feeling of overall wellness. Essential oils can be used during any regular massage session if requested.

In addition to being a Massage Therapist, I’m also a trained Doula, and a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist and Certified Fertility Massage Therapist. I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher and enjoy sharing reiki with others. In 2017, I became a Certified Yoga Teacher. I enjoy leading workshops on various holistic living topics and gathering groups to create things like meditative jewelry and essential oil blends.

“The entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.” -Rumi